10 Things To Know About Fernando Botero

An introduction to perhaps South America’s best-known artist, whose paintings and sculptures address subjects ranging from the Old Masters to bullfighting and domestic life — illustrated with works offered at Christie’s 1. Artist Fernando Botero had a tough start to life Botero was born in 1932 in Medellín, Colombia. Located in a valley of the Andes mountain...

Jean-Michel Basquiat: ‘Painter to the core’

From graffiti renegade to Warhol protégé and New York Times cover star, the life and career of a 20th-century icon illustrated with upcoming works for sale at Christie’s — including In This Case, the last of his skull trilogy Although his life was tragically cut short, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s raw, radical paintings made a lasting impact in the art world and beyond. Here, we retrace the life...

Collecting guide: five very rare spirits for your drinks cabinet

Karuizawa and Midleton Very Rare whiskies, Romano Levi grappa and Caroni rum are among the collector’s items offered at Christie’s in December 2020 1. Royal Salute blended scotch whisky This prestige whisky was created in 1953 as a tribute to the British monarchy, the first bottles being launched at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The name takes its inspiration from the 21-gun...

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