Lucy Mulder, Agent


155 Garland Street Suite #102
Traverse City MI, 49684

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A native of Michigan, Lucy has an instinct for targeting emerging trends and locations. Arriving in Traverse City in 2021, Lucy recalled, “I knew I was home the moment I arrived”.
Before beginning her real estate career, Lucy worked in the sphere for luxury building finishes and fine art. For several years she toiled in marketing and specification writing, working closely with clients to capture and create a clear vision for their design. Lucy took the time to listen and help orchestrate exactly what the clients were looking to create throughout the entire process. These experiences have allowed Lucy to grow her relationships with building professionals as well as helped her ability to identify areas and properties in which home investments would be successful – both of which give her clients an enormous competitive advantage.
Lucy’s approach to real estate is more personal than most, and she believes that truly understanding her clients’ dreams leads to successful transactions. Lucy takes the time to get an intrinsic understanding of her clients so she can learn exactly what you are looking for and expect in a property.
Lucy has a vast knowledge of property conditions and has a second-nature ability to assist clients in visualizing their dreams.
On her new appointment to the team, Lucy said, “I embrace life’s journeys and sincerely welcome the opportunity to assist clients with theirs. Real estate transactions involve some of the most important decisions a person can make.   My responsibility and commitment to you ensure that you will feel comfortable, informed, and relaxed in what can be a stressful time.”

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