David Mitchell Brown on Adding Personality to Your Home

Whenever David Mitchell Brown is approached about a commission, the first thing he does is study the property in question. “Even if I’ve been asked to do a Georgian-style house and give it a modern interior, I still want to find ways to reference the architecture,” he says. “The transformation should be clever, but it shouldn’t feel foreign to the home.” He also looks at the people who live there. “I pay close attention to how my clients dress, what they wear, what’s in the closet. Are they blonde, brunette, ginger? These are all clues to what colors make them happy and comfortable.”


It’s this expert use of color that brings Brown’s schemes to life. “We do many white, gray, beige, or taupe rooms,” he says. “I love to break it up, toss in a punch of color for fun. If the base color of the room is neutral it will never tire, so if we do add a saffron pillow or a blue lampshade, we can always change it if we want a new look in a few years. Whatever we do as the punch, it usually becomes the client’s favorite element.”


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