5 Upscale Motoring Brands Turning their Expertise to Yachting

Whether cruising behind the wheel of the latest supercar or at the helm of a superyacht, freedom, speed, innovation, and style are all par for the course. Is it any wonder, then, that the nautical and automobile worlds occasionally join forces, and to spectacular effect? Recent collaborations between car and yachting brands prove that there is growing demand for such creations, while a quick glance through the pages of the marine history books shows that such partnerships have been around for decades.


Back in the 1990s, two lauded Italian design powerhouses—Riva and Ferrari—teamed up to create a limited-edition fleet of speedboats. Only 40 were built, with elite teams from both sides working together to ensure a flawless yachting product that perfectly reflected both brands. 

The result was a masterpiece, both in terms of form and function. With an F1 Ferrari carbon fiber spoiler overhead, classic Riva hull lines and a top speed of 54 knots (62 mph), it was guaranteed to turn heads. One of the original 40, the Riva Ferrari 32, named for its length in feet, recently sold at auction for $69,000; it seems these power couples don’t go out of fashion.


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